The 10 Little Ways the Denim Guide Will Change Your Life

  1. Be in the know of all the classic denim styles and up to date on all of our favorite trends.
  2. You will know exactly how to rock your jeans, whether they are blue, black, white or patterned.
  3. By following our Care Tips, your jeans will last last longer and will always look their best.
  4. Studding your own jeans will make you tough and trendy without breaking the bank.
  5. Everyone will want to shop with you for your expert advice.
  6. When someone asks what denim is or where it comes from, you will have the answer.
  7. You will save time in the dressing room because you will know the difference between a peg leg and a straight leg
  8. You will be able to style that denim vest and chambray shirt to perfection.
  9. Never again will you be caught overpaying for a pair of jeans just because they have a designer label.
  10. Get inspired and be opened up to a whole new world of denim possibilities.
  11. And most importantly, you will now be able to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans.