Denim review: Diesel Krooley 0810Z Slim Jeans

Diesel Krooley 0810Z Slim Jeans are an elevated combination of contemporary styling and comfortable fit. The contrasting stitching and a slim carrot leg appeal to men of all ages. The clean lines and the comfort and durability of denim take these trouser-inspired jeans from work to sophisticated recreation.

The Fit

The Krooley 0810Z Slim jeans have a regular carrot fit, so they have a roomier fit through the thighs and the taper from the knees to the ankles. The modern look of the tapering reflects contemporary fashion style while the generous fitting through the waist and thighs provides comfort and allows for greater movement. If you are searching for a better-fitting pair of jeans, check out the varieties available online at the OzDenim store.

The Material

The 100% pure, all-natural cotton composition of these Diesel jeans promises both comfort and durability. A pair of Krooley 0810Z Slim jeans has a consistent, even medium blue wash offset by bright contrasting stitching for a clean, fresh look. Without fading or whiskering, this denim is an elevated jean, the ideal mixture of detailing, crisp lines, and comfortable fit.

The Style

Diesel’s Krooley 0810Z Slim jeans incorporate forward fashion trends with classic denim comfort. With a white t-shirt, a tailored blue blazer, and a pair of white canvas sneakers, this pair of Diesel denim can take you to the beach, or embrace a trend from the runway, such as a blazer with a bold abstract print or a military-inspired jacket, to make a fashion statement at a club. Of course, topping off these slim jeans with a pinstriped button-down and a graphic necktie ensures a comfortable yet professional Friday at the office. Whatever style you choose, the Krooley Slim jeans will elevate your look without sacrificing your comfort.

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Diesel Krooley 0810J Jeans

Diesel Krooley 0810J Jeans

Diesel Krooley 0810J Jeans

Diesel Krooley 0810J Jeans





One thought on “Denim review: Diesel Krooley 0810Z Slim Jeans

  1. Leo Henson
    11/07/2015 at 11:43 AM

    Practical and a relax jeans. If you’re looking for the “put on jeans, then forget about them the rest of the day,” these fit the bill. Bought one, got another right after.