Denim review: Diesel Shioner 0R973 Slim Jeans

Diesel Shioner 0R973 Slim Jeans project a clearly modern comfort ideal for a young man’s closet. They sit naturally at a man’s waist, and the slim fit has a distinctly contemporary edge. This denim is ideal for men who love clean lines and a sophisticated, modern fashion sense.

The Fit

Diesel’s Shioner 0R973 Slim jeans boast a masculine, contemporary fit. With a midrise, the jeans sit comfortably at a man’s natural waist, and the denim fits close to the body, skimming the hips and the legs gracefully. The close fit of these jeans reflects a distinctly modern edge that updates a man’s wardrobe while accentuating a man’s ruggedness and manly form.

The Material

These slim jeans are cut from 100% all-natural cotton that provides both time-tested comfort and durability. The denim has a medium blue wash that has fashionable fading along the thighs and the knees for weathered, rugged masculinity. With the Shioner 0R973 Slim Jeans, a modern young man can combine his edgy fashion sense with denim’s comfort, the ideal combination for both work and recreation.

The Style

Diesel’s Shioner 0R973 Slim jeans are an edgy, modern reinterpretation of the classic denim jeans, and they will bring an equally modern edge to your wardrobe. Pair these slim jeans with black tee, an urban-inspired leather cycle jacket, and a pair of leather riding boots for a manly urban look, or top them with a crisp white Oxford, a narrow black tie, and a vintage-inspired vest and pocket watch for a chic academic look. Whether you choose urban or academic or something in between, the OzDenim store has the perfect pair of jeans to reflect your personal fashion sense in your wardrobe.

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Diesel Shioner 0R973

Diesel Shioner 0R973

Diesel Shioner 0R973

3 thoughts on “Denim review: Diesel Shioner 0R973 Slim Jeans

  1. Terry Gormer
    11/08/2015 at 11:34 AM

    Overall, the quality and style of the jean is terrific.I would read up on the color to make sure of the build of the jeans.

  2. Brett S
    13/09/2015 at 8:26 PM

    Great blue denim, this version has a little stretch for comfort. Slim fitting but not skinny so it works for a dude my age. You can even go down a size due to the fabric. Overall a great looking jean, my new favorite Diesel Jeans.

  3. Steve D
    13/10/2015 at 8:28 PM

    Really good jeans. The price is right, and they fit better than jeans that I’ve purchased at twice the price. I highly recommend these pants.