Denim review: Levis 527 Tumbled Rigid Bootcut

Levis is one of the most respected names in the denim industry. Well known for creating a durable line of comfortable denim jeans for the American workforce in the late nineteenth century, this company has continued to evolve and expand their collection of stylish denim jeans. Levis is one of the most successful brand names in the fashion industry and has remained a classic favorite across all generations. Levis jeans are widely regarded as the “go to” jean for the ultimate in casual denim wear. The OzDenim store features numerous selections from this great denim brand.

The fit

These jeans feature a bootcut fit, designed to fit effortlessly over bulky cowboy, steel toed, or biker boots. These jeans are constructed to fit just below the waist and slightly snug on the hips and seat. These bootcut jeans provide ample room in the thighs, narrowing at the knees and then flaring out slightly for that great bootcut look and feel.

Denim Material

The Levis 527 Tumbled Rigid Bootcut jeans feature a rugged, dark denim wash with slight staining and wear for that great “lived-in” feel. These jeans are made with 100% cotton, rinsed, non-stretch, mid-weight denim (11.9 oz.) and finished in Levis Water<Less process.

Denim Style

Just as Levis 501 embody the spirit of classic style, these comfortable bootcut fit jeans are a great casual look for every day wear. These jeans work well with almost any shoe, from casual sneakers to bulky, trendy boots. Because these jeans are so versatile, they can easily be dressed up or down. A great, modern look is to pair these jeans with bold colored steel toed boots and a black or grey deconstructed shirt. These jeans can also be dressed up with a suede jacket and casual penny loafers. These jeans, along with other great denim options from top fashion designers, can be found at the OzDenim store.

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Levis 527 Tumbled Rigid

Levis 527 Tumbled Rigid

Levis 527 Tumbled Rigid

Levis 527 Tumbled Rigid

Levis 527 Tumbled Rigid

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