Diesel Spring/Summer 2012

When it comes to Diesel brand, think young, hip and happening styles that allow the wearer to show their own creativity and individuality while wearing clothing and accessories that come from one of the largest and best-known fashion companies in the world.

Diesel Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign delivers edgy, eye-catching styling with workmanship and attention to details that turns trendy clothing into classics. Loose, tight, dark or light colored Diesel jeans are made to hug curves and show off fit bodies.

Diesel distressed jeans are so comfortable and broken in no one will ever believe you got them off the rack. These super hot jeans are distressed in an artful manner to add a sense of intrigue, mystery and history to you and your jeans.

If you love the soft denim of vintage jeans or want a laid back image by wearing jeans that look like they’ve been in your closet for years, Diesel Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign jeans can suit your needs and your personality. Whether you like your jeans to wrinkle at the ankles or if you want to cuff or roll them, these jeans are comfortable and hot-looking.

Diesel Spring/Summer 2012 Campaign include graphic tees, awesome boots, trendy shoes, relaxed blazers, happening handbags, sexy swimwear and beautiful belts that make a huge statement about you and your contemporary style.


Credit and source link: http://www.diesel.com

3 thoughts on “Diesel Spring/Summer 2012

  1. Paul Jonhson
    19/06/2012 at 10:22 AM

    Diesel jeans are always my new favorite jeans. The wash and color is true. I got some Men’s Diesel such as: Safado, Larkee, Darron, Heeven and these jeans are perfectly and I would get some more.

  2. Tom Hudge
    19/06/2012 at 10:25 AM

    Such a great jean. It’s like wearing a Safado 0073N and it’s cut like a perfectly for my body style! The waist and inseam are just right and they look great cuffed. The wash is universal allowing you to rock these jeans with just about anything. I have been with that jeans 3 years now but still it not out fashion.

  3. Mindy Grauer
    23/07/2012 at 7:34 PM

    Very interesting points you have noted, appreciate it for posting.