G-Star is one of the fashion world’s most recognized denim companies, which has been known for delivering top of the line RAW denim since 1989. Based out of The Netherlands, G-Star is most well known for creating one of a kind denim jeans with an unwashed, untreated look, resulting in timeless, yet trendy pieces which are sure to become iconic fashion classics. Early in it’s inception, G-Star (or G-Star RAW, as it is often referred to) was once known as Gap Star in the Netherlands, however, in order to avoid confusion with The Gap, changed the company name in the 1990s.

G-Star logo

G-Star logo

The look of RAW denim is so synonomous with G-Star, that they are most well known for developing their high quality jean line, as well as creating fashion forward denim products accessible to many markets across the globe. The iconic “96” logo, which is stitched into the pockets of G-Star denim jeans, pays homage to the year in which G-Star unveiled their RAW line of denim apparel. G-Star borrows heavily from Dutch urban culture in order to create a one of a kind fashion line. As G-Star has grown and evolved, they have since leaned more towards militaristic and edgy overtones, as well as an increased focus on details, taking much inspiration from military themed attire and vintage streetwear.

G- Star ads 2013

G- Star ads 2013

Known for pairing high quality denim jeans with contemporary, yet edgy, style, G-Star jeans have been modeled by many celebrities in their ad campaigns, including Liv Tyler, Tom DeLonge (from Blink-182) and Girls’ Generation (South Korean pop group). Although G-Star was originally founded in The Netherlands, they have since opened up several stores on all corners of the globe, including in New York City, San Francisco, Sydney, Paris and London. G-Star jeans have earned their reputation for producing some of the world’s most stylish and iconic RAW denim jeans, and continues to grow and expand it’s ever evolving, fashion forward line of high quality denim products.




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