How to Wear Jeans to work

Wear jean to work now become more popular than ever, casual Friday seems to have taken over the full week, as numerous offices appear to have relaxed their concept of business casual to freely include things like denim jeans. Although everyone love to do it, you need to still keep aware on the impression you’re making on your customers, superiors and co-workers. This doesn’t mean you should reserve denim jeans for Fridays only; this means to consider in the way you wear your denim jeans, maintaining the style suitable for the workplace. Here are some tips of wearing jeans to work:

  • A slim boot cut fit, slim fit or straight fit jean appears to be like latest and pulled apart together without having to be too stylish.
  • More dark denim jeans is likely to look dressier than a light wash jeans, so wear jeans that leans toward the more dark tones of blue.
  • Black, dark blue, raw denim or grey jeans are preferred now. Look for a wash which has no distressing or that seems slightly worn instead a full-on distressed wash jean, making it look a lot more professional and less stylish.
  • Pair dark jeans with a pair of dark colored shoes and a black or dark blue blazer. Or, consider using a lighter wash jean with a patterned blazer or fitted dark brown leather coat with brown dress shoes. These are really good looks.
  • Wear a bright colored short-sleeved polo top with dark jeans. The more dark jeans pairs perfectly with bold colours but make sure the polo shirt is more fitted and never sloppy.
  • A sweater over a button-up dress shirt or a v-neck sweater over a fitted undershirt will dress up a pair of denim jeans. In addition, a basic fitted button-up dress top and tie match a slim-fit pair of jeans and a blazer.
Most popular jeans should wear to work

Most popular jeans should wear to work