How to Incorporate Vintage Pieces with Denim for a Unique Look

Those thrift shop treasures are waiting for a whole new life. By incorporating distinctive vintage pieces with favorite denim staples, you can create a unique and fashion-forward look.

Go for Drama

When you are sifting through the racks at the local thrift shop, go for the biggest bang for your buck. Choose a few statement pieces that will be dramatic additions to your closet, and then make a single piece the star of your ensemble by pairing it with utilitarian denim and closet staples you already have.

For example, a luxuriously vintage 60s faux leopard coat over a simple black tunic, a pair of black Diesel Matic 8J7 skinny jeans, and black pumps will turn heads without becoming Halloween material. Men should top their Dark Blue Levis 527 Slim Bootcuts with a simple white Oxford, a slim black tie, and a vintage velvet smoking jacket for elegance with a modern touch.

Take a Trip to the Tailor

Many potential vintage treasures never make it home from the thrift store because they appear too dated, need a bit of TLC, or don’t fit quite right. With a bit of attention from your local tailor or some modern touches, these pieces can become wardrobe wonders.

The perfect party dress from the 70s may scream disco, but a tailor can remove the shoulder pads, significantly shorten the hemline, and change the neckline quickly and painlessly. Paired with Levis Demi Curve Dark Indigo Slim Jeans and some heals, this disco dress brings a fresh look to a night club. Likewise, dresses, jackets and blouses can all be easily updated with modern buttons or trendy belts without a tailor’s intervention.

Desperately Seeking Suits

Often suits are overlooked as the true vintage treasures they are. Though they appear hopelessly stuck in a certain era hanging on a rack together, a jacket and skirt (or even pair of pants) become classically hip when separated and worn with just the right wardrobe staples.

For the office, pair the slacks or skirt with a crisp button down, slim belt, and tall boots; then slip the jacket over a staple t-shirt, your Levis 518 Simply Blues Bootcut jeans and a pair of comfy flats for a relaxed dinner date.

By combining vintage pieces with your favorite wardrobe staples, you will exude self-confidence and demonstrate a unique look that is both fashion-forward and trend-respectful, a look that is exclusively yours.