Women’s Straight Fit

Straight Fit Women is perhaps the most classic cut of women’s jeans. They are designed to fit closely around the waist and hips and then go straight down, keeping the same width from the knees to the ankles. They give a comfortable fit and a look that is versatile and easy to style.

While they are comfortable, women should pay special attention to their body types when purchasing straight leg jeans. They fit closely to the natural curves of a figure so for those that want a more slimming look, it is important to understand that unlike flare jeans, the straight cut does not balance out curvy hips or thighs. Also, unlike skinny jeans, straight fit do not create the illusion of curvy hips on women that do not have them naturally.

Straight Fit Women

Straight Fit Women

Even though they may seem difficult to shop for, straight leg jeans can be flattering if worn correctly. The way to get the best fit is to be sure the pants are the best size, not too small or too loose. They should also take the steps to make sure they are not too short or too long.

Women that want their legs to appear smaller should shop for a dark wash and can pair their jeans with a blazer and flats. For women that want their legs to look longer, they can be paired with heels or boots. The style options for straight leg jeans are endless, they are truly a classic in women’s denim and a staple for every body shape and style.

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