The new 501®CT

The new 501®CT is the evolution of the original 501® jean. The world’s first blue jean created by Levis Strauss & Co in 1873.

The original Levi’s® 501® button fly jean is an American icon that has been woven and stitched deeply into our world’s cultural heritage.

Built for workers in the American West, the Levi’s® 501® jean became the standard to which all other workwear would be held against.

Levis latest rendition, the new 501® CT, takes this classic style and modernizes it with a customized and tailored shape in order to give you the best possible fit.

Inspired by your custom tapers, Levis took the 501® Jean and did the work for you, creating the perfect tapered it.

Wear it relaxed and borrowed-from-him or downsized and sexy, depending on your style. So sure it will be as loved as the original, we’re already calling it an icon.

The new 501®CT Jeans

The new 501®CT Jeans

The new 501®CT Jeans