Women’s Cropped Fit

Cropped denim is a favorite in the fashion of women. It is a youthful style with the ability to look classic and professional. It is commonly cut from other popular styles of denim and comes in different lengths, washes and styles so it creates a versatile look that anyone can pull off.

Cropped jeans for women are usually made from the same fit as bootcut, skinny or straight leg cuts though some designers have created cropped jeans from wide leg styles. The average pair of cropped denim fits comfortably around the waist and close to the hips and thighs. The legs of cropped jeans are made to fit above the ankle but some fit just above the knee or right around the calf. These styles are similar to Capri or high-water styles.

Women's Cropped Denim

Women’s Cropped Denim

This style is a must-have fit for the warmer months because they are comfortable and airy while maintaining great shape and style. They can be worn by women of all different shapes, sizes and ages. They bring length and define the legs of short women and give a fun, flattering look to tall frames. They are a perfect style for women’s slim, curvy or heavy figures.

Cropped denim comes in different washes, colors and they look great with a low or high waist, giving an endless list of ways to be worn. For a great beach look, pair them over a swimsuit with a tank top and sandals. For a casual street style, pair them with a blouse and some open toe heels. This playful cut belongs in every woman’s collection of jeans!

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