Women’s Flare Fit

Flare jeans are similar to the wide leg style that was popularized in the 1960’s. They are a revived, modern style as they combine a wide leg and tight fitting style. They typically fit closely to the hips and thighs then become wider from the knee down.

While shopping for flare denim it is important to keep height and hip measurements in mind. On curvy women, they accentuate the hips and balance out the thickness of thighs with the flare at the bottom. On skinny women, they create the illusion of a curvy build by fitting closely to the hips and thighs which creates an hourglass shape.

Women's Flare Fit

Women’s Flare Fit

These benefits can be reversed by purchasing flare denim that is too short. When flare jeans are too short they make legs look shorter and thicker than they actually are. The best way to know if flare jeans are too short is to check how they fit at the ankles. If the bottom rests above the ankles, they are too short and may not look as good as they could. If the bottom rests at or below the ankles, they are the right length.

Flare jeans look great with most outfits, from casual to office wear. They can be worn with a variety of tops and shoes. To balance out a curvy figure even more, they can be paired with a fitted jacket. To add length and definition to legs, they can be worn with a pair of heels or pointed toe shoes. No matter how flare jeans are styled, they look chic and belong in every woman’s wardrobe.

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