Women’s Slim Fit

Beside the old high-water bareback, women’s slim jeans are the most unforgiving style available. This doesn’t mean you should avoid them at all. Otherwise known as denim leggings, slim styles are a type of second skin that adds flair where it is needed.

Slim jeans are designed to hug the hips and legs tightly. Obviously they are better suited for women with very thin legs. Women with curves should not rule these out however. Simply try a pair that is your normal size or one size bigger, and take up any waist slack with a fashionable belt.


Women’s Slim Fit Guide

These jeans are extremely well-matched with short sleeves and long tops that cover the button and zipper area. They should also cinch neatly just above the tops of your shoes and retain flush seam sides when you walk. Yes they are tight feeling, but they are overwhelmingly feminine and should not be uncomfortable at any time. Don’t worry if they fall a little low when you bend down. These are the classic jean for “underwear jewelry.”

The best feature of women’s slim denim style is artificial contouring. If you are extremely skinny and waif-like, these jeans cling to the muscular contours of your butt and legs. This is especially true for the back pocket area. If you are a little curvier, this style will bring you more in proportion to your upper body. The rule is, the curvier you are the darker your jeans should be.

In a very subtle way, these jeans neutralize your trouble spots and bring attention to your accessories and any conscious fashion statement you may be trying to communicate. Find the perfect pair at the OzDenim Store and wear them with outlandish shoes, scarves and tops.

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